Privacy Statement
Privacy Statement AXIS GROUP
The defense of the private sphere of our clients have a high priority for AXIS GROUP. Then indicate the principles applied at the time of collecting and managing personal data via this website and other websites and applications operated by AXIS GROUP.
Collection of personal data
It is feasible to visit our website and learn about our services without disclosing personal data. Personal data is requested only where necessary to provide our own services and to manage transactions with AXIS GROUP or its partners. The personal data are collected and handled with care, and only for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement. Are collected and administered only to the extent strictly necessary. We store your personal data only to the extent and time required to perform our services or to the extent and time stipulated by law.
To provide data management services
In order to provide our own services and manage transactions need your personal information to a greater or lesser extent.
By creating a profile with contact information, especially the last names are required, the name, date of birth, telephone number and e-mail.
If transact directly with our partners on our website, we will create a contract between you and the supplier of the relevant service. This is allowed to manage their personal data for the transaction. The principles of data protection provider of contracted services.
Marketing measures AXIS GROUP
We keep you informed about relevant developments and news from AXIS GROUP.
Data security
We protect your personal information through appropriate security measures. The web site is protected by applying technical and organizational measures against loss, destruction and manipulation, as well as to prevent access, modification or disclosure of data by unauthorized persons.
We reserve the right to modify this privacy statement at any time. The amendments will be effective from the date of publication on this website.
Contacts on data protection
Should you have any questions about this privacy statement or data protection Axis Group, please contact: